Enjoy a life with fire to your heart’s content


“Sonohigurashi” is an inn, limited to one booking per day, that was born through the DIY renovation of a traditional house that has stood for over 100 years and originally served as a calligraphy classroom. With the help of many friends and over two and a half years of effort, it has transformed into a place where people can gather once again. The inn is located in Isa City, Kagoshima Prefecture, experiencing winter cold enough to be referred to as “Hokkaido of Kagoshima.” Immerse yourself in the lifestyle surrounded by fire in this distinctive location and enjoy the time spent playing with flames.



“We want to create a place where we can enjoy a lifestyle surrounded by fire while carefully utilizing local materials and recycled old wood.” With this intention, we have been progressing with renovations through DIY, taking our time. Moving forward, we will continue with renovations, including the outdoor log bath, sauna hut, outdoor kitchen, and storage house. We would be delighted if you could enjoy the progress of our ongoing renovations in the future.



The hall is heated by a wood stove made of stone. The hearth wall is finished using clay collected from a local charcoal kiln, and the hearth stand is painted black using soot, shochu (Japanese distilled spirit), and egg whites.

Kitchen & Dirt floor


The kitchen counter was crafted by assembling waste materials generated during the renovation. The sunken hearth in the raised area was originally a dug hearth. The earthen floor is finished with local soil using a technique called “tataki”.

Bathrooms and Saunas


Painting, tiling, crafting wooden lattices… We refurbished the original bathroom in a retro style. Outside the facility, you can also enjoy a tent sauna and a DIY-built mini-truck sauna.

Other Facilities

FREE Wi-Fi / プロジェクターロールスクリーン / 書籍 / マンガ / 焚き火道具 / 冷蔵冷凍庫 / 洗面脱衣所 / ドライヤー / 洗濯乾燥機(有料)/ ウォシュレット付きトイレ / スリッパ / シャンプー / コンディショナー / ボディソープ / ハンドソープ / 洗顔フォーム / 化粧水 / 乳液 / クレンジング / 歯ブラシ

FREE Wi-Fi / Projector / Roll screen / Books / Comic books / Fire tools / Refrigerator / Washbasin / Dryer / Washer-dryer (fee required) / Toilet with bidet / Slippers / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Hand soap / Face wash / Lotion / Emulsion / Cleansing / Tooth brush
* N/A : TV



“Sonohigurashi” is situated on a slightly elevated location, offering views of Isa’s rural landscapes and the mountains of Kirishima from the rooms. The rooms, finished with plaster while retaining the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese house, provide a space to spend leisurely and relaxed moments.

洋室 Western Style

2室 | 1-2名
1 room | Sleeps 1-2


The traditional Japanese room that originally had a tokonoma (alcove) has been transformed into a room with a herringbone-patterned floor using reclaimed hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood. Two single beds are arranged, making it suitable for trips with friends, couples, or solo travelers.

和室 Japanese Style

1室 | 1-4名
1 room | Sleeps 1-4


This is the tatami room provided with a futon available for single use, and guests with small children are also welcome. The space, originally a closet, has a comfortable atmosphere, and many guests find it delightful to sleep here.


エアコン / 加湿器 / 卓上ライト / USB付き電源タップ / ハンガー / バスタオル / フェイスタオル

Air conditioner / Humidifier / Table lamp / USB power strip / Hanger / Bath towel / Face towel
* N/A : Loungewear


[Check in] 15:00-21:00
[Check out] 10:00



We smoke with an open fire, steam with a traditional hearth, simmer in the sunken hearth, and bake with a wood stove… The dishes we offer are primarily cooked using firewood. It may take a bit more time, and there might be a hint of smokiness, but your understanding is appreciated. While gazing at the burning flames, we would be delighted if you could enjoy the moments that may seem a little inconvenient. Dinner offers a course meal tailored to the day’s ingredients. For breakfast, you can choose between Western and Japanese styles.

夕食 Omakase dinner



We will prepare as much as possible using local ingredients from Isa, Kagoshima, and seasonal items to ensure you can enjoy the flavors of the region.

One evening’s dinner may include:

  • Smoked appetizers (Smoked black soybeans, Smoked cheese)
  • Mizuna and red turnip salad
  • Deep-fried freshly dug taro
  • Potato with bacon cooked over an open fire
  • Rich corn soup
  • Mushroom-filled mountain paella
  • Homemade honey-drizzled pancake

Western style breakfast


The scent of freshly baked bread has the power to make people feel happy, doesn’t it? Waking up in the morning, lighting a fire, and baking bread with firewood. The time it takes to bake is also enjoyable. Please enjoy fluffy and chewy bread along with a salad or soup made with freshly harvested vegetables.

Japanese style breakfast 


Isa City, traditionally known as the “rice warehouse of Satsuma,” has been famous for its delicious rice for a long time. We cook meticulously grown Isa rice, cultivated by local residents, using a traditional hearth and a feathered kettle. Enjoy the shiny and plump rice, accompanied by a hearty miso soup and various side dishes made with plenty of local ingredients.

飲み物 Drinks


During your stay, you can enjoy Sannenbancha, a tea made with traditional methods by Okuchi Shokuyoumura in Isa City. This tea has a rich aroma of firewood and provides a comforting warmth to the body. In addition to this, you can also savor homemade juices made with plum or yuzu, as well as coffee. Water pumped up from 100 meters underground is also mild and delicious!

焼酎 Shochu 


In Isa City, where the earliest characters for “shochu” were discovered, and is also known as the birthplace of shochu, there are three breweries: Okuchi Shuzo, Kai Shuzo, and Oyama Shuzo. We offer a variety of local sweet potato shochu for you to enjoy. Depending on the time and availability, there are “shochu” that cannot be prepared.